Monday, 30 June 2008

Now A Proud Owner of a Ferrari

Today has been the first day for over a week that J has seemed anything like his real self. It is lovely to see him being able to enjoy activities again.

He was able to complete his woodcraft kit today. The main parts of the car body were connected to what he had already done. The front wheel guards were secured using wood glue so they wouldn't fall off.

Each wheel was made up of five pieces which were glued together. They were left to dry for a couple of hours.

Then J fitted the wheels to the car and voila! One ferrari F40 GT to grace my mantlepiece. It's taking pride of place.

Meanwhile, D continued with the next stage of his papier mache cup. The whole cup was covered in a layer of paper soaked in diluted PVA glue. This is drying so he can add another layer tomorrow.

Over the last week or so we have had some high winds and there was a casualty in the garden. Our poor bay tree was blown over and it's pot was shattered.

So we decided the bay tree needed a new home. A larger pot was partly filled with compost. The boys had carried this home one morning from the village shop. It was quite a way for them to carry such a heavy bag, and they did it just because they knew I was needing some. They can be really thoughtful at times.

The tree was placed in the pot, and then compost was put in to fill all around the edges. I am expecting some real growth on it this year as it grows to fill it's new pot. Hopefully with it being so much bigger, it will not get blown over in the next wind we have.

As J was feeling so much better we went to the park for an hour. On the way D spotted a butterfly which reminded us that the next Wildsquare survey starts tomorrow. It's all about moths and butterflies. We have to make some moth lures later this week.

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