Monday, 30 November 2009

Week Ending 29/11/09

Due to the horrible weather, we haven't been out much, but the boys have been busy at home.

D-Spanish-lesson, homework, online
     Science- life forces, electricity
   English-Romeo and Juliet-read again, started questions on first act
   History-castles, villages, middle ages, TV-Real life story behind Hunt for Red October (cold war history)

Next week looks as if it will be pretty much the same routine, but we are hoping that we won't get too wet and get out

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Not my children!

At least when the buy horrible things off the internet to eat!  D thought it would be an idea to try some worms and ants!

This is a barbecue flavoured worm crisp.  Despite the look on his face, these went down a treat.  He even took great delight in eating them in front of the girls from across the road.

The next delicacy were these chocolate coated ants!  Apparently, these have quite a strong aftertaste, so although they all got eaten, they were not that keen.  D is already deciding what to buy next.

Apart from that, D has been working on his Spanish and science.  He has done about life forces and the effects that drugs and smoking can have.  He even did some experiments in the kitchen to test the effects of burning and gases released.  He waited until I was in the bath, and then came and told me what he had done!

J has been doing maths, history, Romeo and Juliet-he has now completed the first reading of the play, and English.  He has been studying about descriptive writing.  As a prolific reader, he is well aware of the importance of descriptive writing, but would rather not have to do it himself, lol.

They have been to stay with their dad and grandparents over the last weekend.  They were meant to be going for a walk on Saturday, but as the weather was so bad, I am not sure if it took place.  If it did, I will be getting a lovely pile of washing when they come back home.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Beginning of November

This month seems to be speeding by without stopping to say hello.

A quick catch up of what we have been doing.

D is now doing Spanish on his own, hopefully a temporary measure until the New Year.  This means J and I are taking him and spending an hour in the cafe.  J is using this time to do History and it has been quite fun to have him on his own to concentrate on something he is interested in.

Both the boys have been doing some baking.  Unfortunately, the results got eaten before any pictures got taken, but Staffordshire oatcakes were a real success.  They went especially well with the honeycomb D bought from the health food shop.

Last Friday, we went to Doncaster Museum.  The fossils and the exhibition on flight were a hit with the boys.  They loved the computer flight simulation programme.  D bought a dinosaur to build and this is the result.

Getting the ribs in the right order was a real challenge.

We've also had swimming and ice skating.  This is the first time the boys have been ice skating for about five months, so they loved it.

It's back to a normal routine here this week, so we are off to take D to Spanish today.