Monday, 23 June 2008

Exchange Rates

Oh poor J. He got up this morning in quite a state. One of his eyes was stuck together and it frightened him because it wouldn't open. His hayfever just seems to be getting worse. Back to the doctor this afternoon for different antihistamines and eye drops.

J decided he still wanted to go to the park today, so he went and did his private study first thing this morning.

J is trying to build up the strength in his arms and shoulders so he can pull himself across the bars easily. Here are my two little monkeys swinging on the monkey bars having fun.

We thought we were off home for lunch when the boys decided to watch the bowling at the bowling club. They chose a vantage point in a tree. D wanted to know how you got to start playing bowls. I think we may have to make some enquiries.

Watching the news tonight the boys were staggered at the cost of items in Zimbabwe. It came as a bit of a shock to them when we did some research and found that $1 Zimabwe was worth absolutely nothing anywhere in the world. The few pennies D has left upstairs would make him a Zimbabwe millionaire.

It wouldn't be any good to him though, it would cost over £26 to buy a simple sandwich! Though we may be struggling here, you realise there are many a lot worse off.

Certainly something to ponder on.

D spent some time with me this evening doing his cross stich. He has now got 2 of the petals joined together. I'll post a picture tomorrow.


gertie said...

Wow- a son who likes cross stitch! My 11 year old has NO interest in craft other than painting models but my 9 year old has taken to tom-boy (french knitting). I tried to teach him regular knitting but he had no end of trouble slipping off the loops properly and would end up with twice the number of stitches!

Thanks for dropping by my blog- its always exciting to have international visitors!

Miss 376 said...

My 11 yr old is completely different, used to do a bit of stitching when he was younger, but would prefer to have his head in a book instead now