Thursday, 12 June 2008

5 Times in 4 Days

J had another bad night because of his hay fever so we were off to the doctors this morning. It is making him quite poorly, but hopefully now, once the medicine has worked it's way into his system, he should begin to pick up quite quickly.

D spent the rest of the morning in the kitchen with me and made some lemon meringue cakes. He used a recipie taken from the book "kids can cook" by judy williams. He did practically everything that was necessary, including all the measuring. The cakes looked and tasted delicious and were very lemony.

We had to go out this afternoon. Whilst out, we bought a new house for the rat cage. It is a log cabin. The boys were surprised when they open the box as they found it was all in pieces and they had to fit it together.

It didn't take long, and Misty lost no time in exploring her new home.

Today we had Cats on-again, the 5th time in 4days. The more they watch it, the more they seem to want it on.

The following is J's review.


By Andrew-lloyd Webber

Cats is a musical story about a group of cats called Jellical cats trying to find the cat that can be reborn to a diffrent jellical life.

Cats is based on a group of poems about cats. My favourite cat is Mistoffelees because he saves another cat called Old Deutoronomy. I also like a cat called
Mungo_Jerrie because he is very funny.

The most well known song in Cats is Memory sung by Elaine Page.

I went to see a stage version and i thought it was loud but wonderful.

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