Monday, 2 June 2008

A Lazy Day

The schools here had an extra day off today and seeing as D had a stinking cold and was feeling under the weather, we had a lazy day with some DVD's.

D love's musicals, so we had the pleasure of The King and I again. Was followed by Men In Black so we had a good laugh too.

Daniel did do a few stitches of his cross stitch cushion. Can't wait for him to finish.

It has a cross stitch chart to follow although the tapestry canvas is printed with the design. It is stitched using tapestry wool. Will keep you updated of progress. We seem to be going at a couple of stitches a day at the moment. He has asked for lessons in how to use the sewing machine, so I am thinking of a small project for him to do.

He has been having the Shrek magazine and tonight he followed the instructions on how to make a bog garden. Not exactly sure what he has put in there, but we'll have a look. I am sure we have some plants from the pond that like boggy conditions.

Tomorrow there is a bring and buy at Home Ed group. It is to raise funds for the playground as they allow us to use the site without charge. That meant this morning I made some currant buns to take. Boys not that happy as they would like to have to eat them all.

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