Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Crafty Day

We have a lot of craft bit and pieces, either in progress or to be started, so we are going to concentrate on getting some of these completed.

It's the ideal time as there are quite a few outings with the home ed group planned and the boys are still suffering a fair bit with hayfever. It seems to hit J at night time and is affecting his sleep.

Today J made a start on his woodcraft car kit. He would like to do carpentry, so we decided to do a few of the woodcraft kits as he would have to get used to working with small and intricate pieces of work.

He spent two separate hours doing this and this is the result. Considering the instructions are very basic, barely non existant, he has made a very good job. We are hoping he will be able to finish it in the morning before we go swimming.

D has two projects on the go that we want to see completed. He spent his first hour knitting his dishcloth. We went and escaped up to my bedroom and spent a cosy time knitting together on the bed.

During this time we were discussing the different thicknesses of yarn available and the guage of needles you could get. He fancies having a go at knitting with chunky on thick needles so it will grow quicker.

We are getting a few extra stiches along the way, but for his first attempt, I think it is excellent. Reminded me of when I was young and seemed to get extra stitches on every row.

During his next hour, we did cross stitch. He has now begun on the second petal of his daisy. Here is a picture of the progress so far.

On Sunday I was watching Countryfile and there was an interview with a lady that set up the Pylon Apprecitation Society. D has had a fascination with pylons since he was about four or five years old after we did a visit to a power station. We looked at their website today and he would like to sign up.

After paying the one off £10 fee he will get a spotters guide so he will have a good reason for searching them out now. He always used to count them on the stretch of the M4 from Newport to Filton. I can see we will have to keep an eye out when we are travelling on the train now so he can tick them off his list.

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