Sunday, 31 May 2009

D's art

This beautiful creature was made by D in a two hour fimo class Thursday morning. It was held at a local craft shop, Craftastic, where we are regular visitors. I love the way he has given her eyebrows and the colours in the spine are fantastic. She even survived an afternoon in my bag as we weren't able to go straight home.
This is a piece D did in one of his art classes. It was surplus to requirements, so he brought it home. He has called it "Jazzy Stripes". I am thinking of using this to make a wall hanging. I think I already have some fabric matching, but I'll have to keep a lookout for some others.

The boys have spent a couple of days with their dad this weekend. They took him to Norfolk Park yesterday. By the look of J's hands, they spent a lot of time on the climbing frame. Today they went to the woods. D even managed to split his trousers. The boys seem to be in competition at the moment as to who can split the most pairs.
Tomorrow sees us going back to our normal activities, and if the weather forecasters are correct, the boys will be able to enjoy their woodland session in the sun.

Friday, 29 May 2009

A bit late but

better late than never! It has been such a joy to have a quieter week and relax that I forgot about all we did the week before.

Monday was the Woodland school, and the boys loved it despite the fact that it poured with rain the whole time. They did some bug identification and shelter building which was very appropriate. J said they were much better than the previous time they had tried it, so it seems practise makes perfect.

Wednesday D didn't go to Spanish as I had an appointment at the hospital to have a cyst removed from my eyelid. D was very disappointed that he couldn't watch them do it, but both boys found it highly amusing that I had a huge dressing over the eye and they had to guide me around for a couple of hours until I could take it off. I even upset a poor little girl in the cafe. Apparently her mum is a doctor, so when her grandma explained to her that I had had a little op to make the eye better, she was much happier.

At Spanish this week, they were learning the different ways of saying they were feeling ill. D turned to me on the bus and came out with a phrase. When he translated it was, "my eye is hurting". Most appropriate for me last week. Actually, I was pleased he had remembered anything from Spanish this week, he had a really sleepy head on and found it difficult to concentrate.

We did get to dancing last Wednesday afternoon, though I did sit out as I wanted some peace and quiet. Loud music and my head weren't really mixing very well. The boys didn't do any new dances this week but concentrated on the tango and reviewed the other dances they had. The street dance routine got longer and I wonder how much they will remember next week as they have had a week off this week.

As D was still coughing and sneezing on Thursday, we didn't go swimming. It didn't seem a good idea with the weather we were having, but we did go to art. By then the weather had brightened up. This week they did about five or six different types of patterns and collages using paper, chalk and prints they had made.
As it was half term for schools this week, they had a three hour session and made some of their art work into a book. They can't bring them back until the summer as they are wanted for an exhibition at the end of term. It is a lovely way to keep a record of what they have done.

Ice skating last Friday was very quiet. They have one more session before they stop for the summer. This last year seems to have gone so quickly and the boys can't wait until the autumn when skating will start up again.
It was a bank holiday weekend and we had no plans. In fact, we all enjoyed being able to stay at home and relax. I think we had all got tired over the last few weeks with all the activities we had going on.
D did do some physics one morning. Until J came in and pointed out that he was "doing work", he had been enjoying himself. Don't you just love brothers!
D picked up a little model kit in the sale at Hobbycraft last Friday and this is it put togetherThough the underside looks more interesting.

D stayed over the road Monday night, and then went with them on a 15mile walk on Tuesday. He came back with his usual specimens-bones! This time he has come back with somethings tail bone. We are now getting quite a collection.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Week of May 11th

Another busy week this week. As I had to go to the council offices on Monday before the woodland session began, we left early and treated ourselves to lunch in the cafe at Rivelin Park.
After lunch, the boys met up with the others in their group and made their way for the first lesson. They were given walking sticks and some small wood samples on cards to help identify wood and to show what the qualities of that wood and what it was used for.
They have made a start at cutting logs to make seats. This is going to be completed over the next few weeks. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can't wait to go back. J has said that Monday and Wednesdays are his favourite days at the moment.
Wednesday is a favourite as, after D has Spanish, they both have a dancing class in the afternoon. This week J had a new partner as his usual one wasn't able to attend. They did the chachacha, samba, waltz and then started on the tango. The street dance routine they are doing is also getting longer. This week, it wasn't a total wipe out of the girls against the boys. I think some of them had been practising.
We had an unexpected day home Thursday as D had a stinking cold. His poor little nose is literally red raw. J and I weren't too disappointed as the rain came pouring down, right at the time we would normally be sat at the farm. We didn't miss getting wet one bit!
Friday morning, D and I went to a card workshop at a local craft shop. This is what Daniel made.As the other adults there were quite taken with D, we are going to be doing a few more together over the next few months. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
He was back there Saturday morning for Fimo Club. Here is the bear he made. He was so chuffed that he had made the bow on the parcel without any help.
The next fimo class he'll go to is during half term, so not too long to wait.
Weather permitting today, we will be going to a woodland fair at out local woods. Doesn't look as if I am going to get my Sunday off today.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Art Gallery

Here is a collection of the art that D produced yesterday, and this wasn't all of them. I can't believe how much they all produced in an hour and a half.

Before we went to art, the boys had swimming and there was even enough time for the boys to go on a climbing wall before D had to be at art class.
J and I went to the farm and were delighted that the sun was shining. We even managed to get there before the cafe closed and got a drink. The kid that we saw last week just after it was born, was now outside. It was lovely to see the progress it had made.
We had a treat in the evening too, we had fish and chips for dinner. I didn't fancy cooking dinner at seven in the evening.
Today was ice skating. J is now quite proficient at going backwards so has done well.
When we got home D did some more of his decoupage. If I can find the right cards for them, he might be able to complete them.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bank Holiday weekend and after

D went camping for the weekend with friends to Edale in Derbyshire. He came back with a collection of fossils so he was very happy.

J and I went to Heeley farm for lunch Saturday, and then had a look at the iron age exhibition. J had a go at working the bellows that was helping to heat the furnace for melting copper. Unfortunately, they couldn't get it hot enough while we were there to cast it.

D managed to come home early enough Monday morning to clean the bedroom. The boys rearranged the furniture too. Seems they take after mum who keeps moving the furniture around.

Here are some of the decoupage that D has been doing. He still has to finish them, but he has done quite well with these. Look forward to seeing them completed. Wednesday was D's Spanish lesson and then dancing for both boys. The new dance this week was the waltz. It is going to take a little practise for it to resemble the graceful, gliding dance we are all used to. It is certainly great fun to watch them all.

The street dance routine is getting increasingly complicated. They are doing all so well to remember it and they perform it with so much attitude. It's great.

Today is swimming and art. It's going to be a very long day, but I have my camera ready this week to hopefully get a record of what D does.

Friday, 1 May 2009

End of April

Another month had gone and it seems to have flown by.

The boys came back on Monday full of their weekend. They had been swimming, to a party and caught up with lots of friends back in Wales. Dad have even bought them a game for the DS they had saved up to buy last week. They have spent hours brain training since.

Wednesday, D had Spanish and is still doing more work with verbs. He comes out with quite a few works now and is still enjoying it.

We had a couple of hours between Spanish and dancing so there was time for a visit to the library. D also got some decoupage from the craft shop. He had seen me do some, and had wanted to have a go himself. He started doing it without any help from me. Pictures to follow when he has completed them.

Yesterday, D had another art class yesterday. When we dropped him off, there was a huge blank sheet of paper on the floor. When we went back to collect him, it was covered in paint. They had all laid out on the paper and had their outlines drawn. It was then painted. It looked fantastic. I will have to remember to take my camera each week to keep a record of what he has done.

J and I went to the city farm to wait for him. Whilst there, he spoke to someone about volunteering there. The lady that can decide was on holiday, so they have taken his details and will ring back next week.

This morning we are off to Monkey Bizness, great for the kids, but very noisy!