Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Both of the boys seem to be struggling with hayfever, and even though he had a really bad night, J was certain he wanted to go out today.

Before we met up with another home ed family, we went to WH Smith so J could get the next book in the series he has been reading. He was a bit put out that the next book in the series has not yet been published. It will give him plenty of time to reread all the books in the series again.

Today we were going to enjoy the outside space at Magna science park. The early highlight was the water park, and yes it was as cold as it looked. Fortunately, it did warm up later in the day and all the children brought a change of clothes.

There were many different shaped climbing frames, swings, bouncing equipment and sand pits. It meant that all the children from toddler to 11 years of age, were all able to have fun and play well together.

On this piece they could use the climbing wall or use the supporting structure to climb up. All the children seemed to love being in the top looking down on us all.

The boys played on this singly and together. They were able to make it spin round. J say when he came of the equipment, his legs still felt as if he was spinning it around.

This worked on a similar principle but was designed as a bucket seat. Although the picture of D, didn't come out, this was one of his favourite pieces.

Although they were playing and climbing, there were a lot of science principles involved in the motion and the shapes of the equipment.

They all had a wonderful time and the boys can't wait to go back to Magna to do the tour inside. We're hoping it will be very soon.

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