Sunday, 8 June 2008

Knitting Kit

Since D has learned the basics of knitting, he has wanted to knit something real! So I have made his very own knitting kit.

I thought a dishcloth would be practical and fairly straightforward to knit. I always used to make up patterns when I was knitting dishcloths. Don't think my mum was ever sure what she was going to get.

So, first of all, I typed out a pattern for a dishcloth and put it into a zip file with a ball of cotton. I also included a pair of needles.

These needles are quite special. They belonged to my great grandmother, then my mum, then me. I thought it would make a special gift for D and something that would continue to link the generations.

D has already made a start. He is doing a row at a time, so I may have to wait a while for my new dishcloth.

Must be like his mother though, he's already planning his next project.

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