Sunday, 29 June 2008

We Have Been Out!

It was a lovely sunny morning, and as we hadn't been able to get out all week because of J's hayfever, we decided we would go for a walk through the woods to the village shop. We weren't going to be out long as J's chest was still tight and he was still having some difficulty breathing.

We decided to go past the llama farm. The field was lined all along the stone wall with foxgloves. I have always loved foxgloves. Remember them from walks with my mum and dad when I was younger.

When we got to the field with the llamas, we just burst out laughing. They had recently been shorn and they looked so comical. Not sure you can really see from the photo as we couldn't get close enough.

Of course, once we get into the woods, the obvious thing to do is to climb the trees, what else are they there for?

The sun had brought out the clover and as I sat watching the boys, I could enjoy the hum of the bees. I love watching them working so hard collecting their nectar.

The amazing thing about nature is how it all supports each other. Here you can see a rotted tree stump provided a home for fungi. On the same stump there was also moss and lichen. The boys and I find this fascinating.

It was lovely to get back out, and we timed it well. We had thought we might go out after dinner but changed it to this morning. This afternoon the heavens opened and we would have been soaked. Got wet enough bringing in the washing!

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