Monday, 9 June 2008

Rain Today?

As I was sorting out some bits for the Bring and Buy Sale at home ed group tomorrow, I found the weather station. We hadn't unpacked it from when we had moved.

The boys found some new batteries and got it set up in the bedroom.

We had woken up to blue skies, not a cloud in view, but according to the screen it was raining! Hoping it just a teething problem, but we will have to check it again tomorrow. Definitely no rain around here today.

Later in the year I am hoping to start an Open University course in Design and the Web. I have a file that I want to keep the paperwork in, and as it is recycled I needed a new cover. D was commissioned to design one for me.

I think it was quite clever how he has incorporated the web and colour. It shall take pride of place on the cover of my file. Hopefully, it will keep me inspired during the course.

We also weeded the garden and fed the fish in the pond. D keeps checking the progress of the pond plants we bought to encourage dragonflies. They are still quite small, so I think he will have to wait a while before they have any effect.

As we can never tell how long the good weather will last, we decided to make the most of today. We packed a picnic, a bat and ball, and went off to the park to spend some time enjoying the sun.

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