Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Custom Jewelry

Before we went to home ed group today, D put another layer of papier mache on his cup. Only two more to go.

I got a couple of presents at home ed today. It amazes me what the boys can achieve with a little imagination.

Part of the cherry tree had been cut back and there were some bark strips. My first present was from J. It was a bracelet. When he made this, the bark was soft and malleable. By the time I got home it had hardened up. Both the boys were amazed.

Since I had a bracelet, D thought it was only right I should have a necklace.

D also found this bit of cherry tree resin. It has now has a place on our trophy shelf.

This is D's start on Take a Stitch Tuesday. This is his first attempt at cretan stitch. He has done really well and we are going to develop it further tomorrow.

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