Saturday, 21 June 2008

Green Fair

The boys worked really hard this morning so all the cleaning and animals were cleaned out by just after 10 this morning. They decided they would like to go to the Green Fair at Heeley City Farm. As we had never been before, we weren't sure what to expect.

We left to catch the bus at midday and the weather was not at all promising. As we were waiting for the bus in the rain, we were in two minds about going out or going back home. We took the plunge and decided to go, it couldn't be too bad, could it?

By the time we got off the second bus, the rain had really set in and it was really miserable, but we followed our ears and made our way to the fair.

On the way we went passed this stone bench. D noticed this and he thought it was "freaky". There was a mosaic set in the seat.

The were many different stalls at the fair, many to do with environmental concerns, lots of plants and the boys were pleased to taste the burgers that were being barbecued.

We caught the end of the falconry display. Unfortunately the rain was too heavy to be able to get any decent pictures.

I felt so sorry for the children that came on next to do their dance displays. They must have practiced for many weeks to perform today, and the weather was so unkind to them. They performed really well in the most difficult of circumstances.

We only saw a very small proportion of the stalls on display, but we were soaked to the skin and getting cold, so we decided to call it a day.

Heeley City Farm is on our list of places to visit, but J decided he would rather go there when the weather was better so we could enjoy it more. Think I agree with him.


NeenerKnits said...

Hi there,
Got your post on my site today! Fun to chat across the "ocean!" I like your blog and will look forward to checking into it often. You look like you sure enjoy alot of handicrafts. The fair looked fun. Looks alot like our Seattle weather!!

Miss 376 said...

Think it would have been a lot better if it had been dry, we certainly would have seen a lot more. Maybe next year it will be dry! I've always enjoyed making things, and my youngest son does too, so we have a lot of fun together. My oldest son and I enjoy a love of books