Monday, 22 February 2010

Half Term Week

Thankfully, quite a quiet week though we still had to take D to Spanish on Wednesday.  In the afternoon, J went ice skating on his own with a friend.  This was the first time he had gone to a public session on his own.

Thursday they had friends over for the day.  They played on the playstation, on the wii, then after pizza, watched a film.  The weather did brighten up for a little while and they managed to go out to the park for half hour before their friends went home.

Friday afternoon, the girls from up the road came in for a couple of hours to play on the wii.

The boys were supposed to be going out for the day on Sunday, but it was cancelled due to the snow.  They did do a bit of work in the evening as they discovered the website BYKI that helps with learning languages.  J spent time doing Polish and Daniel has decided to use it for extra Spanish practise and to learn French.

Funny how work is fun when they want to do it themselves, and not because they have to.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Half Term Already

Where has the time gone?  Despite the lack of blogging the boys have been busy after their delayed return home after Christmas.  They got stuck for a couple of extra days due to the snow.

Since they have been back they have been busy with maths, English, Shakespeare, science, Spanish and history.  The dancing sessions have started again and for the last three weeks, they have been learning the modern jive.  Last week, they began the salsa.  They've also had swimming every fortnight and ice skating last Monday.

They both had appointments at the opticians, and J now has contact lenses.  This meant two extra trips to the optician to learn how to put them in and out.  He needs to go for a check up in a fortnight.

D has been cooking, but we ate the results before any pictures could be taken, and we have one painting
The coming week should be a bit quieter due to half term, but then the fun starts all over again.