Thursday, 19 June 2008

Why Are Thursdays So Tiring

Last night I signed up to the Take A Stitch Tuesday on Stitching Fingers so D has decided he will have a go too. We are also going to do a seasonal stitch along. I think D will do some simple cross stich that he can design himself. We will give it some thought next week.

We did some shopping before swimming today, and as usual, we seemed to get more than we bargained for. We will end up with arms like monkies by the time we've finished.

The boys enjoyed another 3 hours swimming today, and I managed to finish the back of J's jumper I am knitting.

The parents were discussing what they were going to do about going to Cleethorpes. I think we will be going as the latest forecast is for it to be cool, though dry. That will be an early morning for us then, have to get the 9 o'clock bus.

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