Monday, 16 June 2008


The boys coped really well with the death of Bertie this morning. I think they were just so pleased that it was all over, they didn't want to think of her suffering.

We were off this morning to meet D's new Spanish teacher, it was going to be a planning meeting and just a getting to know each other session. The actual lessons will start in September.

Liz is very nice and very enthusiastic. She will teach D and another boy using games, songs and cooking, as well as oral and written work. They are really looking forward to it. Liz was also able to recommend a couple of internet sites to look at and showed us a few books that she had that were suitable for children. What was nice, she recognised that every child had a different way of learning and invited the boys to let her know if they were not happy with any aspect of what they were doing.

As her house was near the park in Oughtibridge, we went in there for half hour after we had finished. The boys did some climbing, went on the swings and walked by the river. We found lots of pine cones. D brought home some that the squirrels hadn't chewed. They will go with our collection of treasures from our walks.

After the park we went into town. We got some yarn and a pattern to knit a slipover for J and D also got a book of Spanish.

The book is the AA Essential Spanish for kids. He loves it as it has insults and jokes in. It also gives little snippets of information about things that are popular in Spain. He has been reading it all the way round town. I am hoping that as D is so enthusiastic, he will pick up the language fairly quickly. Just a pity he can't start until September.

When we came home, the boys cleaned and disinfected Berite's cage. Once it was all clean and dry, they moved the boys hamsters in. They certainly looked as if they were enjoying their new home.

Just before bed, D did another row of his knitting. The dishcloth is growing slowly but surely.

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Just popped over to say 'hi' thanks for leaving a comment. I lived in Sheffield for about 6 years, as a student and then stayed to work in the area and had my first 2 kids there- fond memories...