Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ice Skating

Well, we are a bit late posting this, but the last couple of days have been rather busy and I haven't had much time to sit at the computer.

Friday was a very busy day. It doesn't sound as if we did a lot, but it took all day to do it. It's all the travelling!.

The boys started the day by cleaning out the hamsters, so we had to avoid the two balls rolling around.

Then we were down to the bus stop for half nine. Today was ice skating. It takes about an hour by bus to get to Sheffield Ice and today we were also loaded down with suitcases as the boys were off to their dads for the weekend straight after skating.

It was very quiet at the skating rink as it was only the home ed group on the ice. It definitely made it a lot easier to see where the boys were. They were on the ice for two hours and they love every minute of it although they usually complain that their feet are aching by the time they finish.

After skating we were off to the train station. While we were waiting for the train D did one row of his knitting and then he did another row whilst we were on the train. He said as he was going to miss World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday, he was doing it today.

He is making good progress.

We received an email today. We have to meet D's Spanish teacher on Monday. Although they aren't started until September, she thought that it would be a good idea to meet up and have a chat. Will let you know how it goes.


The Kittens' Mother said...

Hi, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
Your hamsters are adorable. We had one but she died earlier this year.
I look forward to reading more on your blogs.
Best wishes, Meg and cats xxx

Miss 376 said...

We don't think Bertie is going to last the night, but we still have her brothers