Tuesday, 3 June 2008

First Machine Stitched Project

D still has a cold and as it was pouring with rain, we didn't go to home ed group today. We would have got soaked before we got there, so we decided we would stay at home.

We had the pleasures of mathmatics. We did factors and multiples and also some equations.

As I was in the process of making D a bag to put his craft projects in, he wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine. I decided a simple project would be for him to make a needle case.

Using a pattern cut from lining paper, D cut two squares of contrasting fabric which he tacked into place, right sides facing. Using the sewing machine he then stiched around, leaving a small opening to turn it through. He then hand stitched the opening closed.

It was a very good first attempt. We then used a square of batting for the middle leaf which D tacked and then machine stitched into place.

He now wants to make a pincushion. He is trying to come up with ideas of things he can make using the sewing machine.

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