Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Check The Pockets

You may remember yesterday we were in the park and D collected some pine cones. They were to go with our collection of interesting bits. Well, these cones very nearly didn't make it.

I had asked D to put his coat in the washing as it was rather grubby. I thought he was doing really well when I went to put the washing on this morning, as his coat was all ready by the washing machine. However, as I putting the coat into the machine his pockets felt rather bulky. The cones were still in there.

Here you can see the rescued cones in position on the shelf. Hate to think what they would have been like after a wash!

D did another row of knitting before we left for home ed group.

For the second week running, we were one of the first to arrive, it's beginning to become a habit. We were very pleased that it stayed dry for us all day, though it wasn't as warm as last week.

Arrangements were made to meet on Friday to catch the 10.11 train for Cleethorpes. We are going to the seaside!

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