Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Truancy Patrols and Shopping

These are the other pictures of D's first sewing project. I am really proud of him. It was the very first time he had used the sewing machine, can't wait to see what else he can accomplish.

Last night we had a visit from a friend to help with some computer set up. While he was here, he had D absolutely enthralled as they discussed the properties of different gases and the principles of osmosis. D was also fascinated with the resonance of glass. The first thing he did this morning, was to try out the wine glasses again. I think we have found someone that will be able to answer a lot more of D's science questions than I would be able to.

D has recently learned to knit and wants a project he can complete. I have found a ball of cotton yarn, so I think I will write a pattern for him to follow to make a dishcloth. Handknitted dishcloths are absolutely fantastic for cleaning, very absorbant.

Today I had an appointment, so we decided to incorporate this with a visit to Hobbycraft. J has expressed an interest in carpentry and woodwork so we wanted to see if we could find a beginners kit that would help him on his way.

While the boys were waiting for me to finish with my appointment, they drew a set of three pictures to make up a story. This will be displayed on the door with all the other art pieces they produce.

After my appointment, we got stopped by a truancy patrol. This is the first time ever! Think the boys found it quite a frightening experience but this will be pursued as the Educational Welfare Officer would not let us go once they were aware we were Home Educators.

I think the journey on the Supertram made the day for the boys, certainly a lot quicker than the bus. It might be the greener way to travel, but it is so time consuming to go on public transport.

At Hobbycraft we were able to find a kit for J. It is a car that is made of wood. He has to push out the pre cut pieces and put them together. We also bought him some paint so he will be able to prepaint the pieces before assembly.

D bought an artists pack of soft pastells. He enjoys art, so it will be interesting to see what masterpieces they will come up with.

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