Friday, 20 June 2008


Well the day definitely ended a lot better than it began.

We were all to schedule, bags packed with towels, swimming costumes and food and off we went to the bus stop right on time for the 9.02 bus. As I was stood waiting for the bus I was running through my mind what we needed to do at the station-get tickets, get money out of machine and......oh. bother!

To save on the number of bags being carried, I had left my handbag at home, taking just my purse. I had realised the railcard was still in my bag, so D ran home to get it for me. The bus came while he was gone.

J and I decided we would walk down and get the bus the other side of the park. J went to check D was ok, and I began to walk down the hill through the park with all the bags.

The boys ran to catch up with me and at the bottom of the hill, D gave me the wallet for the railcard, only it was the wrong one-it was empty!

So now, we had to go back up the hill which isn't much fun when you're loaded down. I left the boys and the bags at the bus stop and went to get the railcard. This meant we then caught the bus half an hour later than we intended which meant it was very much touch and go if we would get the same train as all the others from the home ed group.

We arrived at Sheffield Interchange, ran to the railway station and joined a long queue for tickets. We ran down the stairs to the platform just as the train was leaving.

As we were texting one of the other mothers, we let them know what was happening, we would catch the next train one hour later. As we were on the train they let us know where they were located. There was a home ed group from Lincoln there, so when we arrived, both groups were sat together.

D used the time on the train to do some tin foil sculptures. He did a Yoda and Tiger Woods complete with golf club. Certainly made me laugh.

On the beach they found plenty of crabs. D spent most of his time looking for them in the pools by the pier posts.

Here you can see one of the mums having a quiet moment hiding from the sun. J had been pretending to creep up on her like a monster, and as he saw her move, he went running. She had thought one of her daughters was coming to play a practical joke on her.

We also had a ride on the land train. The owners were very kind and gave us half price travel. The children really loved the ride. They waved to everyone we went passed. The driver said it was the best run he had done. I am sure his ears must have been ringing with all the noise they made.

We enjoyed the obligatory ice cream and chips and the unexpected good weather. Not a drop of rain as some of the forecasts had predicted.

Going back on the train, there was plenty of evidence that the sun had taken it's effect.

We got home tired, but with the determination that we were going to make another visit to the beach.

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