Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cooked My Own Dinner

Well J is still not very well and certainly not up to cooking dinner, so mum had to do it - again. He has promised he will be well enough to do it tomorrow, but we will wait and see. It's very unusual to see him curled up on the settee all day wrapped in his duvet.

D has begun to have an interest in papier mache and today began his first project.

This is the base for a papier mache cup. We had fun cutting out the pieces. All the template pieces had to be scaled up from the instructions in the book. He had fun multiplying all the measurements by four and using a right angle square and pair of compasses. Without realising it, he had had a maths lesson.

All the pieces have been glued together, held in place with masking tape and sealed with diluted PVA glue. Tomorrow it will be ready for the next stage.

D then read about the origins of papier mache. He always wants to know where things started, so if anyone can tell us who invented knitting, please let us know.

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Anonymous said...

u make me sound so pathetic! ;D