Friday, 30 May 2008

Books and Metal Detectors

As I had an appointment today, we had to go into Sheffield and as is becoming a regular habit, we had to go to WH Smith.

Jonathan is reading the Cherub series, so we bought the next two books in the series,by bedtime he has already completed reading one. Daniel had the Indiana Jones Journal. Now he has all the books of the original films and the journal.

On the way back, we had to stop in Argos and Daniel bought himself a metal detector.

It was the first thing he sorted out when we returned home. He seemed very surprised when it dectected metal in the floor of the front room. Not sure how he thought water and gas was supplied around the house!

Twice Daniel has been out today, walking to the shop this morning, and for a walk in the woods, and has come back with partial egg shells. He has found a lot of them this spring and is now trying to identify which birds they belong to. We know one was from a blackbird.

From his walk in the woods, he uncovered a lump of metal and a horse shoe. And he thought that the metal dectector was going to bring him treasure.

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