Friday, 31 October 2008

A bit of this and that

This has not proved to be the quiet week I was expecting and so this is a bit of a catch up on what's been happening here this week.

This is a jelly that D made on Sunday. He even managed to get it out of the mold without any help from me. Sunday evening the boys watched Bear Gryls on television and then had to make their own shelter.

It looks quite good here when it is empty, but it was a little cramped for two people.

Ever since the weekend, J has been camping on his bedroom floor. I did think the colder nights would have encouraged him back to bed, but so far he has stuck it out.
On Tuesday at MEND the children that were there decided on a short list for their reward outing if everyone achieves their targets. All the children should be making the final decision next week.
The programme has also been extended for another week so the farewell party will now be on 13 November. We have four recipes to cook for the party, all MEND friendly food.
Yesterdays session was slightly different as so many were missing. There was only the activity session and the parents joined in. We played badminton and basketball. We all had great fun and it was quite nice to get home early.
On Monday we went to Hobbycraft and J managed to lose his wallet. Fortunately it was handed in on the tram, so Tuesday morning we had to go and pick it up. At least it meant we got to the library to take books back. We were so relieved to get his wallet back as all his passes for the bus, library and leisure centre were in there. It saved us a lot of messing about.
D got his knitting out and did a couple of rows this week. He has been looking through one of my magazines and deciding on what he is going to knit when he gets better. He has big ideas!
This week the BBC have begun a dramatisation of Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. The boys watched the first episode Sunday and decided they would like to watch the rest. The second episode was last night but we have to wait until next Wednesday evening for the next one.
Today we are having the quiet day we wanted. Have to build ourselves up for another busy week next week.

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