Tuesday, 7 October 2008

We've been Stitching

The boys haven't let me go out for the last two days. In fact, yesterday, I was told to cuddle up on the settee and go to sleep. This meant that we haven't gone to the woods as planned or to MEND today.

Yesterday, the boys did some work on medieval times and D practised for his public reading he has on Thursday.

Today we all spent some of the day stitching.
D has now cross stitched his way to the centre of his daisy. It always brings a sense of accomplishment when he gets to another petal.
J has almost finished the body of the cat. He just has to stitch the white bib.

Tonight we got to watch Big Cat Diary on BBC1. Normal bedtime may be going out of the window this week so they can get to watch all the programmes. Watching it tonight has helped us to make the decision we will do a project on the Masai. The boys are interested in finding out how they live. We will have to make a trip to the library this week.

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