Friday, 10 October 2008

Weston Park Museum

We had a lovely time today at Weston Park Museum and it was a very varied trip.

The first exhibit to catch the boys attention was the weather station. We had to check out the weather for various significant dates. We found out that the day my mum was born, 5Th September 1945, was a warm day for the time of year, very much like we have been enjoying this week.

We then spent some time looking at the Life of Sheffield. D really enjoyed himself working in the butcher shop. It was the interior of a shop that was demolished in Attercliffe. It had been moved and rebuilt in the museum.

I was soon called to see the boys, they were now Anglo Saxons. D even managed to get the shoes on too.
D then surprised us dressed up as an Innuit.
It was in this section the boys were trying their hand at working out the food chain, before we listened to a recording of traditional Innuit throat singing. J said tonight, he wouldn't want to hear it on a dark night. It had an eerie feel to it.
J spent some time identifying different minerals.
This was linked to a computer program that asked questions to try and identify the different rock types.
After a couple of hours in the museum, we went and had lunch in the surrounding park. The boys were delighted to find conkers. This small handful quickly turned.....
to this!
While we were at the museum, D bought himself this ant hill. He set it up tonight and is hoping to get some ants to go in it tomorrow. He wants to see them make burrows and watch them build their colony.

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