Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Grass Snake

We were very fortunate again today with the weather. The rain showers had cleared by the time we had to go for D's Spanish lesson.

In his lesson today, D did numbers up to 50, the days of the week and more animals. He has two weeks now to reinforce these before his next lesson.

As we were sat in the park J was exploring along the river bank accompanied with the brother of the other boy who does Spanish with D. All of a sudden, they came running back all excited. They had seen a snake.

They weren't sure what it was so J and I did a search on the internet when we got home.
It was a grass snake. They usually live near water and feed on amphibians and occasionally fish. I have never seen a snake in the wild here, and am so happy that J has had the opportunity to have this experience.

After reading his survival books, he knew what to do had it been an adder and they had been bitten. J was so pleased that he was able to use the things he had read in a practical setting.


Gaynor said...

Hi, glad you like the chocolate quiz I found. dark Chocolate, well, we are obviously very special hehe. Having a look on another of you blogs (this one obviously)...Do you home teach your kids??
(I havent got time to read them all...have to do tea but will be back)

Gaynor said...

Kids quiet, eating....I hope!
I home educate my kids as well. I got Zara through her GCSEs, and my middle son has just started secondary school (very different ed. system to the UK) and my youngest will be home taught until he is 13, and then he can chose whether or not to go to secondary. I love it too..small world!