Monday, 13 October 2008

Books and Art

We had to go to the library today to collect some books that we had ordered. J has found another book that he would like to buy, this time by Ray Mears. D has also borrowed a book by Bear Grylls, they both seem to have caught the survival bug.

They were delighted that they managed to light kindling with a spark from the flint. However, they weren't able to light a proper fire. The little spark went out. This definitely is going to need some more work.

We also got some books on Kenya for the boys to do a project. We couldn't get any specifically to do with the Masai, so I think we will have to do a bit of internet searching.

After the library, we went to W H Smith. D needed some artists pencils and an A3 pad for some drawings.

This is D this afternoon. He was up on the shed roof for well over an hour concentrating on his drawing. This is what he came in with. This is his eagle.

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