Thursday, 9 October 2008

MEND-Nutritional and Activity Goals

This morning as we were traveling by bus to Chapeltown we were delighted to see the glorious autumn colours of the sycamore trees. The leaves have turned a beautiful red colour. These trees seem to be the only ones that have changed colour and it seems to have happened overnight. If these trees are anything to go by, over the next week or two, we should be in for a glorious show. We can't wait to get up to the woods to see the changes there.

From the library, J picked up the book he had reserved. It is Ray Mear's World of Survival based on the television series. It is really interesting as it is based on the experiences of native inhabitants of various countries.

This afternoon at MEND the children had to set themselves nutritional and activity goals. If they achieved these goals every week they were to be rewarded by the parents, and they would also get a star from the instructor. If they all get a star every week, they get to go on a group reward at the end of the course.

J has set himself the goal of cooking a MEND friendly meal every week, and to go swimming twice a week, as well as a walk in the woods. The reward would be for us all to go to a park. There are so many parks in Sheffield, we won't be getting bored.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Weston Park Museum and then go to the park for a picnic lunch. We are determined to make the most of the weather we are enjoying at the moment.

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