Thursday, 2 October 2008

MEND-Sleep and Fish

We had a change of plan for this morning. We decided to go and get the shopping this morning so we could have a full day at home tomorrow for doing some work and other things. As we had MEND this afternoon, there wasn't much time left after the animals had been cleaned out.

At MEND this afternoon, the parents discussed the importance of sleep for children and the amount of sleep that was necessary. For the boys, they are recommended to have 10 hours sleep a night at their age which, most nights, is what they get.

Once the children had rejoined the group, we carried on the conversation regarding fats. This led to the new nutritional goal for this week. As we need essential oils, and because omega 3 is especially beneficial, the goal is to have two fish portions a week.

For one of our meals, or maybe two as it will be a big one, we had already planned and have the ingredients, to make a tuna pizza. Both the boys would like to have fish and chips too, but we will do this in a MEND friendly way.

Tonight, D was given a lovely gift. He was given a bag of old coins and a book from 1998 to identify and value them. I think I know what he will be doing over the next few days and thus a lesson explaining that values go down as well as up. Quite topical in the present economic climate I think.

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