Wednesday, 1 October 2008

MEND has resumed

Well the weather has well and truly changed, rain seems to have returned which means we didn't get to the woods as planned. Never mind, we will get there another day.

D did his Spanish homework which was to do with animals and more work on colours. He is colour blind, so he ended up with a purple sky, but as he knew what Spanish for blue was, I don't think we will worry too much about it.

He sometime gets very frustrated at getting colours wrong as he loves art. I am pleased to say, it doesn't stop him from having a go.

J went swimming for an hour before MEND. He caught the bus down and we met him there later.

D in the meantime was checking out special effects. He wants to make fake blood and has found a few recipes to try. I have a feeling I am about to have a raid on the kitchen cupboards.

At MEND this week, the first hour was parents and children doing circuit training and then an hour on nutrition.

This week we were discussing fats. The children were introduced to the different fats there were and which ones were to be avoided and the good ones we needed. Trying to get their mouths around polyunsaturated was quite amusing.

They discussed: saturated fat, unsaturated fat, hydrogenated fat or trans fats, mono and polyunsaturated fats. The focus this time was on fats to avoid, especially hydrogenated fats.

As we had missed last week, there are quite a few handouts to catch up on. I think we will have to do that tomorrow as D has Spanish this morning and then we have to go into Sheffield for the library.

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