Friday, 3 October 2008

A Satisfying Day

The day turned out really well for us today, so rearranging yesterday was very worthwhile.

The boys did some work on parts of speech this morning, then D did his Spanish homework and J did his MEND assignments.

J went to the post office for me this morning to post a parcel, and he timed himself. It took six minutes in total. He had run all the way to the post office and a mixture of running and walking back. It is all uphill coming home. He said to me this evening as we were having a cuddle, that after 3 weeks of MEND, he could now run faster and quicker. I am so pleased that he is happy with the whole programme and what he has achieved. It will make it so much easier for him to keep up all the activity after MEND has finished.

D lost no time in going through the coins he was given. Using the book, he identified the coins and the values as of 1998. Here you can see how he has arranged them all on a sheet of paper with the values. He made the link with the age and abundance of coins and their corresponding value.

I have a lot of coins tucked away upstairs, so I might get them out so he can do the same with them. At tea time, the boys were eating yogurt and D decided to make a "telephone" with them. The boys didn't think they would work. They were surprised that I did the same thing when I was little.
They were thrilled at how the sounds were magnified along the thread. D said it was like a microphone.

They did toy with the idea of stringing one with a long enough line to the girls next door but one. I'm not sure what the neighbours living in the middle would think.
D did experiement with making fake blood this afternoon using cornflour and tomato ketchup. He wasn't happy with the result, so he is going back to the original idea of saving his pennies and buying some.
J has been busy reading this week too. He started reading a set of The Worst Witch books Monday, and by lunchtime today, he had finished reading the last one.

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