Friday, 24 October 2008

More Cinema

I am glad we are coming to the weekend and there is no need to rush out in the morning.

Yesterday we were at the bus stop at 8.30 to get the bus and tram to get to the cinema. Yesterday we saw the Golden Compass. There was a storyteller there, so the children had a story before the screening.

Afterwards we went to Hillsborough for the boys to go swimming. That means both the boys have met their activity targets this week.

This morning, we were at the bus stop for 8.30 again for a repeat of yesterday, this time to see Horton hears a Who.

It was straight from the cinema to Sheffield ice as it was ice skating week. It was quite fun to watch the ice hockey team practising before and after the children were skating.

The other day we bought some sweet chestnuts, so I baked them today and the boys enjoyed tearing them apart tonight. This is the first time they have tried them. I have memories of walking by the British Museum in London, and my mum and dad buying them for me from the street sellers. They have their braziers with them roasting, fantastic on a cold day.

We are looking forward to a quieter week next week as the local schools are on half term. It means we don't tend to venture very far away from home.

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