Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sunshine and Showers

When D has his Spanish lesson, J and I are sat in the park waiting for him. Well I sit, J is climbing trees or looking for fish in the river. This morning we awoke to very heavy showers, so we weren't looking forward to our time in the park very much, but we were very nicely surprised.

D was sat inside learning more Spanish names for animals, and the sun shone the whole time. As the sky was fairly clear and we were sheltered from the wind, it was the warmest it has been since we have been going. It was a fantastic morning.

Once D had finished, we were on the bus going to Sheffield and there was another heavy shower. What made our day was when we looked behind, there was a full rainbow across the valley. As we were high up, we were so close to it, it was a fantastic sight. We then had a discussion as to what effected the colours we saw in the rainbow. Poor D, being colour blind, finds it very difficult for to distinguish one colour from another.

To make things quicker, J went to the library to return my books for me while I sorted my bus pass for next week. It meant we were able to get home earlier to have a bit of rest and relaxation time. We have quite a bit to do tomorrow, and as it includes cleaning out some of the animals, I'm not sure how much we will get done.

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