Thursday, 6 November 2008

Under the weather

This week the boys seem to have caught the cold I have had, so everyone is a bit under the weather.

We did some maths at the beginning of the week and D did his Spanish homework but missed his lesson yesterday as he wasn't up to it.

Tuesday the boys went swimming then this was followed by MEND, where they had another swimming session. The second hour was just a revision of all they had learned over the last couple of months. Unfortunately, they will be missing today's session at the supermarket.

D has kept up with his skipping, but we have had to rearrange the game of badminton we were going to have today. We were going to do this as it has been too wet for walking in the woods.

Apart from going to the library, we haven't done much else this week, though both boys have done a little stitching. Hopefully with a couple of days rest, we should be back into the swing of things next week.

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