Sunday, 28 June 2009

He's done more!

At the woodland session this week, the boys made rafts. No, no the full sized model, but small ones using recycled milk cartons etc. D's came home and made it onto the pond, but as they are away, I'm not sure where it is to take a photo. They have one remaining session which will be held a week tomorrow.

As there was no dancing, Wednesday was a lot less tiring. D had Spanish and we were home lunchtime, having done the shopping. This left the boys free for the afternoon, and mum too!

I finally remembered to take my camera Thursday, so could get some pictures of what D made in art. They had another felt making session. He is going to have to show me how now he's the expert. D did another two smiley faces to go with the one he made last week.
Apparently, they are going to put the three together to make a wall hanging. I am sure he just wants to show that it's not just mum that can do wall hangings.
This week is Children's Festival in Sheffield. As part of this, the boys took part in an Indian music workshop on Friday morning. They both thought it was fantastic and really enjoyed being able to play the different instruments. As you can imagine, it was the drums that were the most exciting.
It was straight to the train station once they were finished. The boys are in Wales for the weekend, and from the photo I received yesterday, they were having fun on a bike ride. It's back home tomorrow.

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