Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Another Glorious Day

We woke up to another gloriously sunny and warm day and thought that housework could wait for another day. Well, at least, most of it anyway. We decided instead, to take a picnic and get down to Rivelin early and enjoy the river before it was time for the woodland session to begin.

It seemed as if a lot of other people thought it was the perfect place to enjoy the weather too. Some of the local schools had a teacher training day, so it wasn't just the little ones around, which was a bit of a shock, but never mind.

After the last rain soaked session, it was lovely for the group to be able to work in the dry. This time they were doing musical instruments and were using grass reeds, just as we used to do as children. I used to do it when the boys were little, but they seemed to have forgotten and it was all new to them.

They made these brilliant kazoos. There is a rubber band through the middle which vibrates to make the sound. Two other bands then hold the two pieces of wood together. They have hollowed out a little mouth piece in the middle. They are fantastic. We are going to make the most of the warmth today, tomorrow there is a 12 degree Celsius drop in temperature, just in time for us going to the beach Thursday. There may be a rethink of plans for this week.

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