Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The stitching bug

D has always enjoyed doing crafts, though he doesn't always stick to one project at a time.

After I heard the immortal words, "I'm bored", I reminded him of some of the unfinished projects he had that would keep him busy. He came down with this cross stitch cushion he has been doing.

The first evening he completed the petal on the right so there were no gaps left on the flower, then last night, the whole flower is done.

It even has a stem. Now he has done this, he can see how quickly it can be finished. He is going to try to get to the background by Friday. I have promised we will go and get some backing fabric on Friday if he does so I can make it into a cushion for him. Think I had better get a cushion pad too.
He also did a bit of embroidery doodling. As it was his sampler, I said he could do what he wanted on there, even experimenting with stitches. These two little people appeared. I think they are quite fun. It will be interesting to see what other wonders will be added in time.

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