Sunday, 21 June 2009

It's not fair

With it coming to the end of the school year, the swimming baths seem to be getting busier, so the boys only ended up with just over an hour in the pool. This meant we were up at Heeley early.

The boys didn't mind. They went on the climbing wall and were delighted they were able to get up the more difficult parts.

D was delighted when he arrived at art class that they were doing felt making, especially when as he knows that this is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. It's just not fair that the kids get all the fun!

He made a lovely piece of felt with a smiley face. He said it was hard work, but it definitely paid off.

Friday we were off to Monkey Bizniz for the morning, and I was really spoiled in the evening, D did dinner.

He did a spinach salad and used Quorn pieces instead of chicken so I would eat it. It was lovely to have someone else prepare the food.

We cancelled our craft session on Saturday as D was really suffering with hay fever. His eyes were sore and swollen and he would have had difficulty seeing what he was doing. Let's hope it all settles down for next week.

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