Monday, 8 June 2009


Wednesday was the normal Spanish for D. He gets a lesson to himself next week as M is away. It seems he has a bit of homework to do too. They have started to name the parts of the body and the clothes you wear. To help, they drew around M on a large sheet of paper and are labelling it. By the sound of it, they had fun.

Both the boys were suffering with hay fever a bit, so they didn't feel like doing much in the couple of hours we had to fill before dancing. We went and got a bit of shopping from Morrisons than sat in the cafe with a drink reading until it was time to go.

I bought D a copy of the National Geographic magazine for Children and later in the week he did one of the experiments. It was to make planets.
In the jar lid, he put milk and two colours of food colouring.
He had to dip the tip of the cotton bud in washing up liquid and dip it in. He then came up with all these wonderful combinations of patterns.
He promised no mess and he was as good as his word. He put everything away and washed up, very impressive.

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