Thursday, 18 June 2009

Spot the pumpkin

What fun we have had with the weather over the last couple of weeks. Just before we were due to leave the house on Monday, we had another thunderstorm, complete with hail stones and torrential rain. It looked really doubtful we were going out, but by the time we had to leave for the bus, the rain had gone off a bit.

The weather held off whilst the boys had their woodland session, but it seemed the weather had put a lot of people off attending. There were only four children there this week, and as we had to leave early to go to the doctors, the session was shortened and they finished at three. They spent the time pond dipping, so you can imagine what they all looked and smelt like. They all enjoyed themselves, which is the main thing.

The rain started again when we were on our way home. The highlight of the journey home for the boys was the lightening and thunder bolt that came down in the park right next to us as we were sat at the traffic lights on the bus. Their enthusiasm wasn't shared by all on the bus.

It was showery again on the Wednesday, so we got a bit wet after picking D up from Spanish. He had been doing more naming of body parts. Their pen person, now has more labels on his face.

This was the last dancing session, and they all did really well. More of the parents came to watch to see the progress the group had made. They are hoping that they will be able to get another session in the autumn. I know the boys will be looking forward to it.

Whilst we were out last week, we bought some more plants for D to plant. This pumpkin has yet to find it's final home, but D was really excited to show me this. I think we'd better get it planted pretty quickly so it can grow big enough for us to eat.

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