Monday, 15 June 2009

Brief Catchup week ending 12/06

Wednesday D had a Spanish lesson his own and has started his own vocabulary page. We went straight from there to do some shopping as J needed new trainers. We just about made it to dancing on time.

This week they went through all the dances they had done preciously and added more to the cha cha cha and the street dance routine. They now have one week remaining.

Thursday saw us at WH Smith. D needed a new Spanish dictionary, his last one had died, and J wanted a Polish book and CD to help him. We also got a Science workbook for D, which he keeps doing at the most inopportune times, but it is keeping him happy. For J, we got the text and workbook for Romeo and Juliet. This has brought back some memories as I studied this play for my O level.

At art on Thursday, D did a fantastic pastel lily. It was stunning. I can't wait for him to bring them home as I forgot to take my camera.

Friday was the last ice skating until the autumn. After this Friday, when they are going to go to Monkey Bizniz, we will be getting an extra day at home. I am sure it will be filled in some way or another.

Last week ended quite warm and sunny, lets hope this week will carry on in the same way.

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