Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A quiet week

D has had a stinking cold this week, so things have been a bit quiet.

Monday we played a game to do with our project. It was all about getting to the top, then once the game was complete, they had to read how they managed to reach the top and what it had cost other people to get there. It certainly made sobering reading, making you stop and think.

We also then read about how hate had manifested itself under Nazi rule and through history since. It pointed out how it was manifest in this country now, and how a crime need not be committed for acts of hatred to be carried out, highlighting the responsibility we all had to examine our speech and actions.

We now have to think about what we will do next. It is a toss up between Romans and science at the moment. I have one that loves history and one that loves experiments, so one at least will be happy.

J really enjoyed the book, Hitler's Canary, he got from the library. He read it twice in two days. It certainly tied in with what we had been studying for the last couple of weeks. He also managed to pick up a few Danish words too.

D got himself all prepared for Spanish, and then wasn't well enough to go. There will be a bit of catching up to do next week.

Monday, both boys went to the optician and D didn't need to get glasses this time. It was borderline that he needed them, and as he hadn't had problems not wearing his last ones, it wasn't worth getting them. We picked J's new pair up today and the world is again a much clearer place.

Tomorrow the boys will miss swimming as we are taking D to meet his dad. He is going to stay with him until Monday. J has already got the days planned out whilst D is away.

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