Monday, 5 January 2009

We've had snow

It was a bit of a surprise this morning to look out of the window and see snow. I'm not sure if it was forecast or not, as I haven't seen the weather forecast for a few days.

We decided it might be a lovely day for a walk in the woods as the sun was shining, so after breakfast, we wrapped ourselves up and went out. The snow was covering a layer of ice in some places, so we had to watch our step until we got into the woods.

As we went into the woods, there was a sign informing of tree thinning that will take place during January and February. This is to maintain the health of the wood and to allow light to filter through to the floor. We will have to wait and see what difference it will make to what we normally see on our walks.It was a surprise to still see fungi still on the tree. As we had found our book on mushrooms and toadstools when we did J's bedroom, we have been able to come home and find out about this one. It's common name is Razor-strop fungus, as in the past they were dried and used for sharpening razors. It grows on birch trees as it Latin name signifies-piptoporus betulinus. Betulinus means 'of birch'.

Although the fungus on this side of the tree was all clear, just around the corner, all the frills were filled with a coating of frosted snow.
After dinner and a warm up, we started on this weeks project-climate change. We started by watching the DVD An inconvenient truth by Al Gore. We will do some more work based on this during the week.

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