Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A radio interview

Today was a 'bits and pieces' day. Both the boys had some of their own study to do and D caught up with his Spanish homework in preparation for tomorrows lesson.

J decided he wanted to make a cake, so last night he chose a recipe that he was going to use. Lunchtime today he followed the instructions and turned out this sponge. Can't wait for a taste tomorrow.

He is promising to make some more. We also did a bit more for our project on global warming. The boys did these pie charts to show what percentage of greenhouse gas emissions were produced by who. The figures used were for the UK in 2003. Tomorrow we are going to represent the same figures using a bar chart.
This afternoon, J and I did a radio interview to be aired on Hallam FM tomorrow. This was to do with the MEND program that J did last year. It is being tied in with the Change for Life initiative that is being publicised at the moment.
The boys say they are going to get up early in the morning to listen to it. Not sure if I will as I hate listening to my own voice.
I am hoping that tomorrow will be a bit warmer as J and I have to spend an hour waiting in the park whilst D has his Spanish lesson.

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