Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gratefully received

Thursday morning we went to play badminton. J managed to pull a muscle in his arm. Now he knows why a warm up is so important. He won't be cutting his short again. It was good to see the boys manage to get a rally going, although serving was still a bit of a hit and miss affair.

In out Holocaust project we discussed Jacques Lusseyran who was a blind student who helped to produce a French Resistance Newspaper. Under the Nazi regime he would have been put to death along with other disabled people. He felt very strongly that disabled people deserved as good an education as other people. After the war he continued his studies and became a teacher.

Friday was the first ice skating session of the year. It seems such a long time since the boys have been. J had improved so much in his skating over the last few months.

On the way home we called into the library. D had ordered three books on optical illusions and has been having fun with them since. J got out some books about looking after dogs in the hope he will be ready IF we get one. He also got some novels, one by Sandi Tosqvic, Hitler's Budgie which ties in quite well with our project we have been doing.

As I wasn't feeling very well when we got home, D volunteered to cook dinner, an offer gratefully accepted. This is what he produced:
Pasta with tuna in tomato sauce with grated cheese on top. It was really delicious. Thank you

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