Monday, 19 January 2009

Bug Bazaar

Saturday afternoon, we took a trip to Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. The new exhibition was called Bug Bazaar and it was fascinating.

D was amazed at the cost of some of the pieces that were for sale, but we agreed that we would love the bugs made from stainless steel at £200 a go. Just need to find a spare £200!

There were some absolutely fabulous stump work bugs on balls. The detail was so intricate. The display that puzzled us all was the rat skeleton with bugs hanging around and stuck to it. None of us could work out why someone would want to pay £9000 for it.

The robot bugs were fun though. They were prototypes of the one used in a Harry Potter film.

We did revisit some of the permanent exhibitions. Here is D sketching a picture of some rock. When he came home, he did a painted version using gouache.
As J is interested in survival techniques, he was really interested in the video showing the process of making a bowie knife. It was fascinating seeing a block of steel change into something useful and beautifully crafted.
D watched how a tankard was made and now that is on his wish list.

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