Thursday, 8 January 2009

Climate Change week finished

Well, yesterday was freezing in the park. Though the temperature was warmer, the air was damp, so after an hour I was shivering! Ironically, D did more weather vocabulary in Spanish and has been walking around saying "warm and sunny" in Spanish. Oh, if only!

When we came back, the boys did their bar charts for greenhouse gas emissions. D has really enjoyed doing these charts. Today we finished the project. We went over what climate change was and the causes, what we can do to reduce it, the Kyoto agreement and watched a couple of adverts aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

This afternoon we booked out tickets for a visit to Magna Adventure Science Centre. We are going to spend the day there tomorrow but we are not sure we will get to do all we want as there is so much there.

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karen said...

Hi! It fascinates me that you home educate, you must have the patience and dedication of a saint. I can imagine if I was doing that I would be telling my kids
'we will do schoolwork when mum has finished this bit of sewing'!!