Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Kelham Island Museum

I would have some pictures to show, but my phone and computer won't talk to each other tonight.

We have done two more case studies for Holocaust Memorial Day, both from occupied Netherlands. One was Mrs Temenga who provided food for the camp inmates and provided a means of communication between prisoners and their families. The other was Josephus van Bebber. He hid Jews from the Nazis. He was finally caught and executed, but not before he saved 160 Jews.

Today we went to Kelham Island Museum. There were lots of exhibits from steel works, showing the skill that these workers showed and the conditions they worked in. The engines that were used to power the machines were fascinating and have been lovingly restored. A huge steam engine was powered up a midday and the boys couldn't believe how fast the huge pistons moved.

Upstairs there was a transport exhibition with examples of early cars and motobikes. When we moved to Sheffield, the highlights for the boys was the tram. Today we found out that there was a tram system here in the 1800's, so not such a good idea after all.

We will be visiting again later in the year. They are still getting everything restored after the floods in 2007 so more exhibits will be on show soon.

D made me smile this evening. He came down with his fleece draped over the shoulder like a toga. When I commented on the dressing gown underneath, he told me the Romans wore a knee Length tunic underneath anyway. He's been reading a book "100 facts about Ancient Romans". At least it proves he takes in what he is reading.

J has just finished reading Swiss Family Robinson and enjoyed it so much, he is bidding on the DVD on Ebay. He is now onto Robinson Crusoe, so I wonder if he wants a film of that next.

D has also started a painting on canvas. It is one that I bought him a few weeks ago and has the picture printed on it already. It is only the second canvas he has painted on, so should be good practise.

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