Friday, 16 January 2009

This week has flown by

I think I blinked and it was the end of the week. Time just seems to have flown by.

Wednesday we went to the cinema and saw Bedtime Stories. We were going to see it last month but didn't get there as the boys were away. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't think D stopped laughing all the way through.

I bought them a National Geographic for Kids mag this week that kept them occupied for a little while. In order to do the competitions, they did some research on polar bears and D wrote a poem.

Here it is:

One day I was on my bike as cheery as a lark
And then my brain decided I should go to the park

I was cycling along and then the hill descended
I hit the kerb and the bike upended
Flying through the air thinking doom impended
I landed on my bike and I was glad my trip had ended

That very day my friends came to call
They said I was the Evil Knievel Fool

On the front of the magazine was a balloon helicopter. D thought this was great but unfortunately, so did Tugger. Balloons don't blow up again once he has caught them! We did some more work on the Holocaust Memorial Day project examining the first case study included. Her name was Simone and her parents were Jehovah's Witnesses and because of their conscientious objections to the Nazi state they were persecuted.

We looked at the Arnold Liebster Foundation website ( which has her experience detailed and some work to do related to her autobiography.

The boys then came up with five rules of conscience to stick to if they were faced with the same issues. Also, they thought about the loyalty to other human beings and if they would be prepared to risk their own lives to protect others.

One of the videos mentioned on the website was Jehovah’s Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault. The boys then watched this and could hear first hand from Simone about her and her family's experience.

Next week we will discuss the experience of someone in Cambodia.

J also spent some time on maths this morning and had great fun. He did equations, probability, sequences and general addition and subtraction.

Thursday was swimming with the local home ed group. I think there must still be a lot of sickness around as there were only three families there this week. J managed to swim about 9 widths as well as their usual play.

On the way out we met his MEND instructor who was pleased he was still making progress and delighted with his media appearances. She has been such a great support and a huge motivating force for J to keep going.

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